Orthopedics deals with skeletal system and its related structures. Orthopedic conditions are far more common in dogs than in cats. Those requiring medical or surgical care can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Fractures – Fractures are evaluated using radiology. Depending on their location, displacement (how close are the fracture ends to one another), and severity, they may be addressed with bandaging or splinting. More severe fractures requiring surgical correction are often referred to a specialist.
  2. Joint conditions – Joint conditions include cartilage damage, torn ligaments/tendons, patella (knee cap) luxations, arthritis (degenerative joint disease), luxations (joints out of place), and infections.
    Two of the most common orthopedic problems handled surgically are patella (knee cap) luxations, and torn cruciate ligament (this is like an ACL tear seen commonly in athletes). These are both frequently addressed problems at Allison Lane Animal Hospital. Surgery combined with rest usually results in excellent success in recovering normal function.
  3. Bone tumors – Bone tumors can be addressed with surgery, radiation/chemotherapy, or a combination of both.