VOM Technology

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a healing technology that locates areas of an animal’s nervous system that have fallen out of communication, and re-establishes communication and thus induces healing. VOM is the most simple, effective, and safe healing modality in veterinary care to date. For the VOM practitioner it is an objective, fast, and easy to apply technology for many conditions.

VOM is a healing technology that combines veterinary medicine with techniques similar to chiropractic care. It is an alternative therapy that is used in combination with conventional medications and treatments, and has been proven to be safe and effective therapy.

Dr. Jim Roberts has been trained and certified in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation as a Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner (CVCP). Since 2007, he has successfully treated many dogs, cats, and exotics (both pet and zoo animals) that suffer from conditions that range from non-localized pain to the extreme of a broken back.

VOM is not painful, does not require sedation, and can be performed with you in the room with your pet.

Routinely treated conditions include: 1) Acute and non-acute lameness, 2) Progressive lameness, 3) Hip Dysplasia-like syndromes, 4) IV disc disease, 5) Progressive Myelopathies (dogs “down in the rear”), 6) Urinary and fecal incontinence, 7) Unilateral lameness, 8) Wobbler’s disease, 9) Diseases of the knee, 10) Esophageal disease, 11) Increased or decreased GI motility diseases, 12) Digestive disorders, 13) Performance problems, 14) Behavioral problems, 15) Agility dysfunction, 16) Endocrine disease, 17) Many more…