Lab Work

IMG-0238_halfLab work includes a large variety of various tests that can be preformed to assist a veterinarian in diagnosing an animal’s condition. Our doctors have a wide range of laboratory tests at their fingertips with our in-house laboratory facilities. This allows us to both diagnose disease and establish treatment plans quickly for critical patients. It also gives us same day lab results for patients having surgery. We also provide laboratory services through the nation’s largest veterinary diagnostic laboratory (Antech Diagnostics), and other diagnostic labs. Combined, these allow Allison Lane Animal Hospital the ability to perform virtually any laboratory test needed for the particular situation at hand.

Examples of lab work includes: 1) Blood work (i.e. complete blood clount (CBC), blood chemistry, endocrine testing, serology, blood cultures), 2) Urology and urine tests (i.e. urinalysis, urine culture/sensitivity, stone analysis) 3) Histopathology (i.e. tissue biopsies, bodily fluid analysis, cytology).