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Founded in 1973, Allison Lane Animal Hospital offers advanced veterinary care and advanced technology for pets in Jeffersonville.
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Useful tips for helping keep your pet healthy.

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Complete Veterinary Care in Jeffersonville, IN

Pet Dermatology

Dermatology in veterinary medicine focuses on skin and common issues, including allergies, parasites, tumors, and infections.

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Pet Radiology

Radiology offers vital insights into the body, aiding the diagnosis of fractures, tumors, heart issues, and more.

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Pet Exotics

Exotic pets, like rabbits, are cherished family members. These pets require specialized veterinary care due to unique needs.

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Mission Statement

At Allison Lane Animal Hospital, caring for the whole family is our mission.

Our main concern has always been treating pets with care and compassion, but that care and compassion does not stop with them. We recognize that these animals, regardless of how big or small, are family members, companions, best friends, confidants, and much more.