Other Diagnostics




Electrocardiogram is a test that is performed to measure the heart’s electrical activity. It is a necessary test when we auscultate an arrhythmia. Our ECG also analyzes the tracing and assists with the diagnostic process.


Blood Pressure

Animals can have high and low blood pressures too. Their blood pressure can be taken on their front arm, but we usually take it on their tail where it is less likely to cause anxiety. A few years ago we added a new blood pressure machine into our artillery of diagnostics. It is faster and easier for the pet and very accurate, providing us with a reliable diastolic and systolic measurement.


ECG & Pulse Ox Surgery Monitor

Our new ECG and Pulse Ox Surgery Monitor makes anesthesia even safer for your pet. Our surgical assistants only job during a procedure is to take respiration rates and heart rates and monitor the patient’s anesthesia. The new surgical monitors act as an extra safety net for the assistant. They also are WIFI compatible so they can remain hooked up to the animal and information can be transmitted to the doctor’s phone.