About Allison Lane Animal Hospital

Allison Lane Animal Hospital in Jeffersonville, IN, provides comprehensive veterinary care. Our fully-equipped medical facility ensures the well-being of pets, offering a range of services to our local community.

Mission Statement

At Allison Lane Animal Hospital, caring for the whole family is our mission.

Our main concern has always been treating pets with care and compassion, but that care and compassion does not stop with them. We recognize that these animals, regardless of how big or small, are family members, companions, best friends, confidants, and much more.

By realizing the importance of this bond, we find our job extends to the whole family. We strive to ensure that everyone knows how to take care of their beloved pets.

At Allison Lane Animal Hospital, we value the relationships that we have made with families and their pets throughout the years. Our promise to you is that we will treat your pet as our own, doing everything within our power to ensure they receive the best care possible. Our promise extends to you, too; we will always be honest and forthcoming with you. We will be here for any concerns you may have, big or small, and will strive to care for your pet family.

Our History

Allison Lane Animal Hospital was built and founded in 1973 by Dr. Dean and Joanna Steider. Dr. Steider and his wife served the area for 30 years. Through hard work and dedication, they established Allison Lane Animal Hospital as a vital part of the Jeffersonville community.

In early 2000, Dr. Steider was joined by Dr. Melanie Roberts and Dr. Kris Trowbridge, acting manager for the hospital’s new owner, Dr. Kirk Swigert. The business continued to grow and evolve, and in 2002, Dr. Melanie Roberts and her husband, Dr. Jim Roberts, partnered with Dr. Swigert.

Drs. Jim and Melanies’ arrival brought many updates to the practice. In 2002, they updated the business by adding ultrasound capability, and in 2003, Allison Lane Animal Hospital became the first veterinary hospital in the area to have laser surgery available. Other improvements include equipment for measuring eye pressure and detecting glaucoma, a Doppler blood pressure machine, increased professional staff to include a total of four veterinarians and a veterinary technician, the addition of a full-time professional groomer, an updated inventory with a variety of advanced medications and treatments available, and an emphasis on client education.

In 2007, Dr. Jim Roberts became certified in a technology known as Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM). This technology allows for a non-invasive, safe modality for treating many diseases. It uses techniques found in human chiropractic treatments and combines them with veterinary medicine.

In 2020, Dr. Melanie and Dr. Jim partnered with United Veterinary Care, allowing them to have the support a larger company could offer.

Dr. Jim has since pursued his VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) and offers this service at Allison Lane, as well as a number of local veterinary practices. Dr. Melanie stayed on at Allison Lane, where she continues to practice today.