Pet Dentistry

At Allison Lane Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet’s oral health is integral to their overall well-being. Our pet dentistry services are designed to provide comprehensive care, ensuring your furry companions maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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Dentistry in Jeffersonville, IN

Recognizing signs of necessary pet dental care is crucial. Identifying when your pet requires dental attention is challenging, as they can’t directly convey discomfort. Look for the following indicators:

Persistent Bad Breath: A lingering foul odor may indicate underlying dental issues.
Changes in Eating Habits: Difficulty eating or hesitancy to chew may signal dental discomfort.
Excessive Drooling: Unusual drooling might indicate oral pain or irritation.
Visible Tartar or Discoloration: Tartar or discoloration on your pet’s teeth demands scrutiny.
Behavioral Changes: Agitation, pawing at the mouth, or aversion to facial touch may suggest dental problems. Stay vigilant for these cues to ensure your pet receives timely and necessary dental care.

Our Dentistry Services

Our pet dentistry services in Jeffersonville, IN, at Allison Lane Animal Hospital, encompasses a range of preventive and corrective measures, ensuring the well-being of your beloved pets.

Comprehensive Dental Evaluations

We prioritize your pet’s oral health by including a dental evaluation in every physical exam. Our experienced veterinarian carefully assesses your pet’s teeth, identifying potential issues and recommending appropriate care.

Professional Dental Cleanings

While routine home care is essential, professional dental cleanings at our hospital are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. We recommend these cleanings based on your pet’s needs, determined by our veterinary team.

Specialized Products for Home Care

We understand the importance of ongoing home care. Our hospital offers a variety of specialized products, including finger brush kits, toothpaste, dual-ended toothbrushes, oral rinses, and oral anti-bacterial gels. Our veterinary team guides the proper use of these products for effective at-home dental care.

Tailored Care for Exotic Pets

We extend our dental expertise to exotic pets, recognizing the unique oral care needs of birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and rodents. Beak trims for birds, addressing overgrown molars in rabbits and guinea pigs, and managing rodent front teeth growth are all part of our comprehensive exotic pet dental care.

The Importance of Dental Health

Investing in your pet’s dental health is more than maintaining a bright smile. Recent studies have shown that regular dental care and cleanings by a veterinarian can extend an animal’s life by up to 4 years. This is especially significant as most dogs and cats enter their senior phase around 7.